DRAGONS HO! A Unique Set Of Dragon Wisdom Cards

Dragons Are To Mother Earth As Angels Are To The Divine

The Dragons are loving Beings of great Wisdom who are willing to help you personally in your life's journey.

These Dragon Cards are filled with inspiring messages and original images, painted and created by Val Young.

For all who love Dragons and for all who are curious about these fascinating Beings - you can connect directly

with a whole spectrum of Dragons and explore their insights and wisdom...

The Dragon Cards are in sets of 96 cards. They come in two sizes of cards - a handy pocket-sized edition you can carry with you in your bag or pocket  -  or a larger, easy to read size. All sets come in a handmade bag and make a great gift - a gift that you

can give yourself too!

As well as the English edition, there are German and Portuguese editions available  of 50 cards.


Hello! I'm Val and I use these cards as the core of my workshops on Dragon energy and the power that they have to heal and release the creative flows within each of us.  I take people on Dragon rides, a journey on the drum, and many have had amazing experiences during these flights.

Other facilitators now use the Dragon cards to inspire the people who are working with them.

People often have a very emotional response to these cards beyond what seems to be apparently in front of them. The cards are gentle but powerful tools of transformation.

I hope you enjoy them!

If you would like a Dragon Workshop in your area,

Contact me at: oneheartweb@hotmail.com

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Many people at my workshops love looking through Val's Dragon cards, the pictures are very eye-catching and people get drawn to a particular picture. Normally when they read the back of the card they feel that the card is speaking directly to them and has information that they need to take onboard. As the workshops are a journey, the Dragon cards accompany them on this journey and the messages change as they are attracted to different cards along the way. I have found they really help the participants to ground information about where they are at and what is their next step.

Patricia Angove, Facilitator

I got back home and looked at the Dragons one by one for an hour.

They are all magnificent. I was feeling the energy from the picture before reading the verse and each time it was spot on. What an amazing talent you have. The colours are so deep and warm and each card is so different and tuned perfectly to the subject.

Zoe, West Sussex

Oh what a wonderful surprise and joy it was to receive the Dragon cards. They are amazingly beautiful and powerful, and turning everything upside down that I assumed them to be. Val, I can't thank you enough for being the channel for these glorious beings. Asta, Ireland

A New Book For Children-

And The Young At Heart...

Let's Meet Our Magical Friends

Illustrations and text by Val Young

With 24 Images and 39 pages - including pages

left blank for your own images and inspirations

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Dragons Ho! Wisdom Cards

Created by Val Young with the Dragons... Unique and inspirational cards in two sizes - available in three languages -  English, Portuguese and German.

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