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Explore your Garden of the Heart - and grow...

It's time to go within, into our own heart, and explore the wonders waiting there... To feel the Peace deep with us, to let go of our fears or worries - to discover our own Garden of the Heart.

There are 8 Heart Gardens in the book, each one represented by a different colour. In each Heart Garden, there are 8 Portals to choose from, so there are 64 Portals to explore! Each one leads you into a different journey or experience, or to meet different Beings.

Some of the benefits experienced from using the Garden of the Heart regularly for meditation:


  • Helps to develop your imagination.
  • Reminds you of your multi-dimensional nature.
  • Connections within the One Heart are nurtured.
  • Connects you to many different realms.
  • Access deeper and deeper parts of yourself ~ remember more aspects and release fears.
  • Reassures you of the Oneness of All.
  • Become more fluid at journeying.
  • May help to open or activate your 3rd Eye.
  • Keep illusions in perspective.
  • Access help from different realms, beyond 3D.
  • Embody more of your higher self and other aspects of self.
  • Allows you to take a break, rest, recuperate or receive healing.

When looking at the image of the Garden of the Heart above, you will find that diagonally opposite each other are complimentary or supporting Gardens. There are two gardens for self-care, two gardens for higher learning, expansion and growing awareness, two gardens for appreciating how magical life here on Earth really is, and two gardens for Deep Dreaming with Gaia.


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Each garden has 8 Portals for you to enter, to explore and enjoy. Each Portal has a colour and a number. You simply chose the one that appeals to you at that moment in time. You can use dice or other ways of choosing a number and colour. There are 6 portals to enter for different journeys and experiences. The 7th Portal is for you to meet the Guardian of this Garden. Each garden is complete in its own right with its own feel and qualities, and each Guardian is an individual with their own special wisdoms to share - yet they all work as one, within the One Heart.

The 8th Portal is for you to explore each garden itself and meet the many Beings who call this their Home - they will show you many magical places within their Garden.

There are 64 main images of the Portals in the book and 79 images in total.

There is also an introduction giving the background and some of the qualities and aspects of each Portal and Garden. You can order the Garden of the Heart on this page and you will be sent an Ebook and a Pdf that you can download.


We were hoping to be able to send the book out in paper form, as well as on CD or memory stick, but with the restrictions currently in place and such a serious global crisis happening, we may not be able to sent physical copies of the book out by mail or couriers for the foreseeable future. If you really need a physical copy or one for a friend or relative in need who may be isolated without internet access, get in touch at our email address below and we will see what is possible in the circumstances at that moment.

Watch Val introducing the Garden of the Heart, and giving the background to how it came about.

Below is an interview with Val by Matilde Crocini - exploring what the Garden of the Heart really is and how to enter it....


This book is beautiful and I am enjoying the “gardening” very much  – Gill


I’m sure whoever receives it will get as much inspiration and focus as I have got from mine! Love rolling those little dice…. - Marj


For me "The Garden of the Heart" is not just an amazing work of art, but also a wonderful place to be in. I never thought it was possible to enter a book until I stepped through the first Portal. Every journey so far has gifted me energy of healing and renewal as well as the possibility to explore myself; my deepest self in all her colours and aspects. All my appreciation goes to Val and Marc and to all the wonderful beings involved in the creation of the Garden. 

Matilde Crocini - Gaia's Voice


Val, I’m still in the Garden every day! The wisdom, gentleness of the Beings there is delicious, deep, profound and healing. I’m feeling so supported by this, it’s easier to cherish myself, and the natural world has opened to me at a whole new level. A beautiful and potent tool/map for exploration and healing – Thank you, Val!  - Ann


Whereas most are presenting the most dour of circumstances, Val, you bring the fullness of the Love and Patience that the Dragons give so freely even when we are going through tremendous social growing pains  – Denise


I am really loving the Garden. Thank you for this, Val!  - Cathy