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Val offers a whole range of events, including Dragon Days, Grandmothers Circles and creative, inspiring workshops.

Her new venture (or adventure!) is Earth Walks and Dragon Tales, exploring the Gower Peninsula in Wales and its diverse landscape - and Dragons, of course... More details below.

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Dragon Days

Grandmothers Circle Days

Earth Aroma Days

Earth Walks and Dragon Tales

in Wales

Details of events below...

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Experience A Dragon Day with Val Young

At the Brockagh Centre, Glendalough, Ireland

Sunday September 23rd 2018

    I am honoured to be invited back to Ireland to this special place and excited to see who will be coming to work with the Dragons on this special day!

We will still be in the Autumn Equinox window of balance and during the day we will be doing 3 meditations~ each feeling very different. Throughout the day we will also be making an essence that each of us will take home. This is a gift from the Dragons.

No previous experience is necessary~ just the willingness to go with the energies of the day.

The Dragons will show us what needs concentrating on ~ in ourselves, our lives and with Gaia and the Cosmic Circle that will also be present. The Golden Dragon will be Overlighting the whole day.

How this unfolds will be felt differently by each of us, yet there will be our own group field of energy created by all of us that are present at this time.

We will be given clues and guidance in preparation for this nearer the date.

If this appeals to you, please join us and enjoy your adventures with the Dragons in a very supportive Circle of Beings and people. It will be a wonderful experience, of that I am sure!

Venue - The Brockagh Centre, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow.

Time - 10 am till 5pm

Cost - 50 Euros per person

You can book a place below here by paying a deposit or the full amount.

Refreshments will be provided during the day.

Lunch~ you can bring along your own lunch or grab a bite to eat at one of the local places nearby.

Please feel free to bring any sacred objects along to place in the Central altar that you sense are appropriate for this time. Dress in comfy clothes as we will be sitting most of the time.

We will be using the Dragons Ho! Set of cards that the Dragons brought through me, as a work of co-creation, for inspirations during the day. It is finally complete with 96 cards in total now!

For further information on the cards please go to our website

To get in contact with Val ~ my email is

My landline is 0044 1792 875503 (I now live in Wales).

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Earth Walks and Dragon Tales in Wales

Ancient sites and modern myths

Come and experience the beauty of this diverse landscape

with Val Young in the Gower Peninsula in Southwest Wales.

A Day or Weekend for you to replenish and recharge yourself and soak up Earth energy.

These days together are to walk the land and open up a conversation with all that surrounds us.

Each day we will meet at my home at 9.45am for a Dragon meditation and a chat about the day ahead, discuss where we are going, car shares and parking etc.

We will visit two different sites each day, they could be different beaches or the moors or the woods - or a combination of them. Then we’ll return to my home at around 4pm for a hot drink, a piece of cake and a chat to share some of experiences (if we want to) of the day.

As we share our experiences we will be adding to the stories about this land - creating our own modern myths - and creating a richness with our words and images. Please bring a packed lunch, wet weather clothes, walking boots or wellies, a camera or a phone that takes photos.

If you sketch or paint, do please bring a sketchbook if you wish!

The cost is just £15 per person per day.

Bookings must be made in advance, as we will be in small groups.

You can do just one day or both days... it’s  a wonderful way to appreciate the landscape here.

The dates for these Earth Walks and Dragon Tales days are listed below, however if you would rather do mid-week or on specific dates, then just contact me and we can try and make arrangements to suit you.

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2018 Dates - These are all Saturdays and Sundays

October 20th and 21st

November 17th and 18th

December 8th and 9th 2018 

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Contact Val at or phone (landline) 01792 875503

Grandmothers Days 2018

These Grandmothers Days are here for you if you wish to learn how to connect with the Grandmothers, the ancient Beings who are wise Guides in many forms... They can guide us into the One Heart and into greater knowledge of ourselves. These days are open to women of all ages. As we get to know more about the Grandmothers, we will also be learning more about our own deeper needs and natures. We will connect more deeply to the One Heart, where we can connect to the Grandmothers and to all life.

I will be showing you how to set up the Circle, from setting up the altar, what things you will need, how to invoke the Grandmothers, how to journey with them and how to close the space down after. You will be given a booklet to remind you when you try for yourself all that has been shown during the day, plus a songbook and CD of the Grandmothers songs, so that you can learn and enjoy them.

You will need to bring a notebook and pen along for the day.

A lunch of soup and rolls will be provided, plus light refreshments through the day. If you wish to bring your own food, please do, or if you wish to bring any special treats to eat, please do so!

The cost of the day is £20, which also includes the booklet, CD and songbook.

If you wish me to do this kind of day in your area with a group of women then please contact me.

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How To Make An Essence

Earth Aroma Day - How To Make An Essence – and how to blend Essential oils to match that vibration. This day will be of interest to people who are healers and energy workers of all kinds, those that work with Earth energies, people that love plants and those that adore aromas…

This day is for people who really want to find out how to manifest energies from other realms into our own reality. This involves deeply interacting with what you are sensing. We will go through the process of making a special Essence together - a unique vibrational essence bringing together these energies.

When we have made our essence we will then create an aroma, using Essential Oils or Egyptian perfumes, a perfect match for our unique essence. When we combine them, we will have created a Magical Myst - a special spray that we can use in many ways such as smudging or clearing... This will be an intense but fun day full of very high energies and culminating with a gift that you can share for the good of All.

The day costs £50, with all materials, oils and bottles supplied. Tea, coffee, refreshments and a lunch of vegetable soup and rolls will be provided.

Time:  10am till 5pm.

Create A Dragon Essence

September 8th

Together we will create a special Dragon Essence, then we will individually blend our own unique aroma to match it. We will make a spray you can use to clear a space such as a therapy room, or in your own aura to uplift, enliven or lift a mood.

This will help us to keep ourselves and our environment as clear as possible as we move through these extraordinary times. This is a practical and extremely light day, filled with experiences on many levels.

Come along to make your own unique Earth Aroma, this is a scented essence in spray form using essential oils and/or Egyptian perfumes. Val will guide you through the process.

It is a creative and refreshing experience - and fun!

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