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"An astounding contribution to channelled works - every page is filled with beauty. This seasoned traveller who speaks so eloquently of new universes needs to be listened to with gratitude and respect. Its quality will be recognized by all those on the spiritual path." Kay Mullin, PhD., author of "Wondrous Land, The Faery Faith of Ireland"

"The Sacred Traditions of Earth's indigenous peoples remind us that our world is woven out of stories. In this book we are given the great gift of many stories relayed by diverse voices drawn from many levels and dimensions of the One Heart of Being. Beautifully related, these stories offer a comprehensive vision for new times. This is a sorely needed mythology for the Crystal Age of Earth." John Graham PhD. Dublin City University, Ireland 

"It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome this important, path-breaking document. Revelatory and unique, this book thrusts us deeply into the New Age." Dennis Gaffin, Professor of Anthropology and Religion, Buffalo State University

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"Marc Maramay and Val Young weave a web of beautiful imagery. Venture into the realm of nature spirits and elementals with the deliciously descriptive “Earth Will Be Reborn”. The beauty of the storytelling in “Earth Will Be Reborn” is quite amazing: in my first taste of it I read of a shadow who yearned to dance with a flame, described so exquisitely that the words seemed to flow around me like music. This collection of magical tales, filled with love, was channelled through Marc Maramay and Val Young, to bring us the wisdom of guides, angels, shamans, spiritual elders, devas and elementals. It is commonly held that Earth is on the brink of a great awakening, when Mother Earth will be reborn and humanity will be reborn with her, and, say Marc and Val, these stories have been given to help us heal our hearts and prepare for our transformation." ~ Sarah Portsmouth, Cygnus Review

Book Extract: 

From the Circles of the One Heart

The Call of the Wild has been heard in the hearts of the city-dwellers.

It is the Cry of the Forest, the Music of the Rivers. In the hearts of the house-dwellers, there are secret murmurings, ancient songs are faintly heard, and whispers of old stories, older than time.

The Tribe is remembering itself, the Elders are awakening. The leaders are being called forth to take their places which have been waiting for them a long time. They step forth from the shadows, they blink in the light. They see the faces watching them and, with a shock, realize that they are the focus of attention, that others are looking to them. Some of them feel they did not ask for this task, which seems such a heavy one. Others feel a lightness in their hearts or a fire, bursting again into life.

They seem to know things they should not know. They see images and wonder from where they came. They see the familiar in the strange and the strange in the familiar. They find the pieces of the puzzle in their daily lives and start to put them together; they see the greater picture. They hold a sense of unity somewhere within them, a unity they feel is forming and which they are part of. After a time, they find they have no sense of separation or isolation. They feel their hearts joining with the hearts of others in the great task. They feel their hearts starting to dance in the rhythm of the great dance of the circles, the circles which make one Circle, the great dance of One, the dance of Unity.

With the animals they dance, with the trees they dance, with the winds and the waters, with the fire and the light. They dance on the mountains, they dance in the valleys, they dance in the streets, they dance in the old places and the new, they dance in the dark places and they dance in the light. They will dance with strangers and make them friends. They will take the hands of strangers in peace and leave them as friends. They will hold no sorrow for what seems lost for they know that more will be gained and more beyond that. For the past was the Now as the now is the Now and the future will be the Now as All is Now. And nothing is truly lost. Even that which is no longer needed goes to a safe space and there resides in the Heart of the Creator.

And so we are lightened for the dance, our bodies are made light and fire, our minds are made clear air. Our heart beats with the Heart of the Earth and our hearts echo within her, as hers echoes within ours. We will then be One Heart, one love, one body, one spirit, one mind and one wisdom. The one of many, the many of one. We hold no hate in our hearts and we hold no sorrow there, the anger is washed away in the crystal waters of the Earth and the crystal brightness of the Light.

The Old Ones will be young again and the Elders will be as babes, the children of Earth and Sky. These are the reapers of the new harvest, the harvest of spiritual fruits of every color and flavor. All will be good and all will be One. What is rotten will be renewed and made fresh again, as the One Spirit is made flesh and the flesh is made spirit. And all will dance within the One, will dance the Earth Dance, which is the Dance of the Universes, which is the dance of the shared future.

All will Come Home and their homecoming has begun. All will Come Home to the Heart and the homecoming begins there.

Earth Will Be Reborn

Marc Maramay and Val Young

Earth is on the brink of a great awakening. Mother Earth is to be reborn and Humanity will be reborn with her.

We will open again to the One Heart we all share.


Through this book, we explore the realms of Earth and our One Heart through the living Web that connects us all. We make these exciting journeys in the company of Elders and Guides, Ancestors and Angels who meet with us in the Circles of Love to weave peace and share wisdom. And we have our own place in these Circles, too.


Enjoy the deep insights and lively stories from these wise ones, including Elders-in-Spirit from the Indigenous traditions of the Earth, as they help us heal our hearts and prepare for our new beginning. Includes 20 beautiful short stories and

an overview of human history with glimpses into our future – the Rebirth of the Earth.