Val Young

Hello, I’m Val Young, artist and illustrator. I live in South West Wales where I find the people and the diverse landscape awe-inspiring.

As I walk this Land, connecting deeply with its energies and flows, I take photos of what I can see and paint images of what I can sense bubbling up inside of me ready to be expressed. These greeting cards are a result of that whole process and made available to anyone who is attracted to them. The images and words usually come in simultaneously. Every card is hand-finished with an iridescent sparkle because for me, everything sparkles in Wales!

My paintings are an illustration, an expression of my internal understandings and visions ~ my inner journey is inspired and supported by the outer landscape, which feeds my soul.

I’ve been co-creating with the Dragons for 15 years, as they express their true voices and energies through a series of 96 cards. There is an image on one side and their message on the other.

These sets are available in 2 sizes, pocket size and postcard size, they have been bought by people over the years as the deck developed and are now to be found all over the world. The final card came in on the Spring Equinox 2017 and now that the set is finally complete it is time to allow others to distribute them in their own countries, or even to produce and sell them all over the world.

Since then, I continue to paint Dragons as I still receive their messages, inspired since moving to Wales~ the Land of the Dragons and my Home. These have become a whole range of Dragon greeting cards.

You can view them here, along with cards inspired by my experiences in Wales: CLICK FOR THE ART CARD SHOP

In other paintings, I illustrate my awareness of the changes that are occurring at this time, bringing the multi-dimensional visions and clues that I am sensing onto a flat surface.

Some of the more complex concepts are painted in an abstract or geometrical way with words to carry suggestions of their meanings.

I am recording each step of the path as it is revealed to me ~ this is my role, and an intrinsic part of this role is to share these findings, which are taking the form of greeting cards, available to all who can find them.

I also offer a variety of workshop days. I offer Dragon Days where people can experience for themselves the energies of the Dragons.

I hold Grandmother Circle days where women of all ages can connect to their own ancient female wisdom. I also show people how to make Essences for themselves or to connect with the Land in Wales and experience the amazing Earth energy here by walking with awareness.

You can see my upcoming Circles and events here:


I travel to do these workshops wherever I am called to. So do please get in touch with me if you would like to host or organise any of the above workshop days.

Email me at: oneheartweb@hotmail.com

Or get in touch on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/val.young.568

Marc Maramay

Marc Maramay is an Artist, Writer and Performer with experience in fringe theatre as a playwright and director. He is currently writing a series of scripts aimed at stage and screen, and a series of novels.

Marc has co-produced with Val Young the One Heart Series of books, channelled over an intensely creative two-year period. There are now a series of books which include over 100 short stories as well as meditations, journeys and historical insights.

The books are channelled from the from the Circles of Love in the One Heart. The One Heart is the Universal Heart-Space all beings share, which is also the Heart of the Creator.  Within the One Heart, a vast spectrum of beings from all realms have come together as equals in a Circle of Circles where they “weave peace” between themselves and all life, sharing their wisdoms and perspectives with all who wish to experience and explore them.

These diverse beings have woven an inspiring, loving unity between themselves and they have many urgent and compelling messages for Humanity at this crucial time in Earth’s history.  Each Circle is an example of ‘Weaving Peace’ in action, as some of these beings would once have been on opposite sides in great historical conflicts between religions and spiritualities, or have been through the persecutions of the great tribal and Earth-based traditions.

Among the themes in their telling of Human history they trace the threads of the female shamans, healers, lore-keepers and storytellers who have often been written out of official history.

The books are a blend of stories, visualisations, journeys, with wisdom and lore from the Beings in the Circles, who include storytellers and Elders-in-Spirit from many Indigenous traditions. They use many techniques to expand the awareness of the reader, including story-telling, meditations, multidimensional and shamanic journeying, insights into Earth history, humour and heart-to-heart communication. 

For more information on "Earth Will Be Reborn" published by O Books, go to our page here or click HERE to look inside the book on Amazon


Val and Marc are both artists, and you can view some of their paintings on this page. You can see lots more of Val's paintings on the Gallery page here:


Most of the paintings are available for sale, if you would like to have an original painting. There are also A4 prints available through the Art Card Shop:


Or email us with details of what you'd like to order. Larger sizes up to A3 can be printed when ordered - please get in touch if you would like to order one, at oneheartweb@hotmail.com

A Selection of Val's recent Dragon paintings - check the gallery page for larger images - and to see which paintings are still available.