World Dragon Day

World Dragon Day

Saturday 5th October 2019

Many groups and individuals around the world are already involved, and more people are being reached every day. Everyone can join in by celebrating the Dragons in their own way, and there is a wide range of events on the day, including a worldwide meditation wave…

Lots more information is available on the World Dragon Day website with details about events in different countries:

Celebrate World Dragon Day 2018 in Avebury, England

World Dragon Day 2018 is going to be celebrated around the world - and we will be holding two events in Avebury in Wiltshire. The first is a free event in the ancient Stone Circle, and we will gather there to celebrate Dragons and Dragon Energy. We’ll assemble opposite the Red Lion pub at 1.30 pm for a ceremony amongst the ancient stones from 2.00 pm onward. Please feel free to bring drums or instruments!

Over the last few years, we've had lots of people of all ages, quite a few chidren (and some dogs!) and lots of Dragons... Bring all your family and friends to join in the fun in the open circle. You can share a poem, song or piece of music with us too! Any chants you know, we can sing together as we set up the Circle.

The circle will last until about 4.00pm. (The address for satnav is High St, Marlborough, Avebury SN8 1RF) Val and Marc will be there to greet you, and we’ll be collaborating with the Dragons of Avebury, the Ancients of the Stones, and hopefully, you too!

At 7.00pm, we will hold a Dragon Meditation Circle in the village. We will reflect on the day, and go on a meditation journey with the Dragons. We’ll also be using the Dragon Cards that Val has co-created. The venue is the Avebury Social Centre in the village. We’re asking for a £10 donation towards the costs of hire and travelling from Wales.

More details here on the Facebook event page – where you can get in touch with Val and other people who are coming, arrange meet-ups or car-sharing and connect with other people who love Dragons:

If you like, you can bring along food to share - or there are places to eat, drink and be merry in Avebury...

Any questions? Contact Val at or phone (landline) 01792 875503

Get to know the organisers of events around the world - Find out more and meet more people who love Dragons: