Grandmothers Circles

Welcome to the Grandmothers Circle…

The Circle is Open to women of all ages

“We are the Ancient Ones of Earth and we are united in the One Heart.

We are also of the stars… We hold the key to unlock the secrets that dwell within…

We hold you in the One Heart because you are so dear to us,

we embrace you in the One Heart because you feed and nurture others.”


The Grandmothers Circle is held once a month, on dark Moon, to learn the wisdom of the Ancient Ones.

The Grandmothers may take many different forms, sometimes as animals or birds, all different shapes and sizes,

sometimes trees or rocks, sometimes they become the Elements of Fire, Water Air and Earth.

We journey with them to the Moon Hut, which is within the Womb of the Universe, or

we travel out on the Web and journey to the Stars.

They share their love and wisdom with us, so that we may grow in love and understanding.

If this appeals to you, this sacred Circle is Open to all women of all ages.

Bring a friend and be with friends and enjoy the evening!

If you have any questions, contact Val on 01792 875503

Or by email at:


Grandmothers Circle… for women of ALL ages

I am offering the experience of working with the Grandmothers as a one-day workshop.

This is an introduction to working in a Circle with the Grandmothers.

We will learn who the Grandmothers are and how they will work with us.

We will learn how to set up a Circle and how to invoke them.

We will be forming a group of women who can come together and become part of the growing circles of Grandmothers, both Indigenous and global, who are working to help both people and the Earth in these challenging times.

We will be also being shown the ancient female wisdom that we each hold within ourselves.

It is my hope that these powerful women will then meet once a month, every month

and hold a Grandmothers Circle together.

I have been working with the Grandmothers for many years and have found that The Grandmothers' teaching

and lessons have been both useful and profound.

As part of the workshop, you receive a CD, a song book and a booklet.

If you are interested in being part of a Circle or hosting one in your area, please do get in touch...

See you around the Circle, Sisters!