Small Sea Dragon

(Watercolour & acrylic

on watercolour paper)


Price: £35

(plus postage)




This Dragon is of the Sea and Oceans deep, but sometimes they like to explore the waters of the different bays and coves...



The Sea Dragon

30cm x 25cm

(Acrylic on canvas)


Price: £45

(plus postage)




This Dragon loves surfing the waves. They usually fly around the cliffs and the beaches, but when “Surf’s Up!” they ride on the crests of the waves...


Portal Dragon

20cm x 20cm

(Acrylic on canvas)

With added sparkle!


Price: £30

(plus postage)



This Dragon is holding open a Portal for you to journey through and discover all the Dragon secrets held here... What treasures might you find?



Original Paintings for sale

Val's original paintings are now for sale -

so you can own a piece of art at a very reasonable price!


Just click on the images for a larger version. Each one is a unique painting - so

when they're gone, they're gone...! If you'd like one, please order now.

Most paintings are on canvas - all images will be sent unframed.

(Shipping costs are for UK and Europe - if you are elsewhere, email us for shipping details)

Growing Organically In Natural Time


This is when you simply allow yourself to grow exactly as you need to. It can be quite a ride, with a sudden spiralling of immense expansion ~ yet you are secure in your own core of your Being.


30cm x 25cm

(Acrylic on canvas)


Price: £45

(plus postage)





Gaia Mandala


Two Blue Halos~ which are in fact, two Circles of the One Heart.

Each Circle is made up of many diverse Beings.

One is a Galactic Circle, the other Circle is in the Core of the Earth~

Holographically, this is possible. And the full weave begins...

Now Gaia can thrive.


Acrylic Painting On Circular Canvas - Diameter 29.5 cms


Price: £50

(plus postage)



The dancing energies of Gaia and the Golden Dragon flowing together...


Acrylic Painting On Circular Canvas - Diameter 29.5 cms


Price: £50

(plus postage)

Algorithms of Change


This Mandala shows in sections the elements and aspects that are part of Earth ~ Water, Air, Fire, the Mineral kingdom and the others.

Algorithms ~ these are geometric, sacred creation patterns with the energies available from the whole Universe. The Algorithms of change are being sent in waves of energy from all over the Universe down through the atmosphere to Earth and all life here...


Acrylic Painting On Circular Canvas - Diameter 29.5 cms


Price: £50 SOLD!

(plus postage)


Shall I introduce you to this Dragon? They introduced themselves by showing me their magenta eyes~ which, when I looked into them, I recognised and trusted.

I call them Grace, simply because that is exactly what they feel like ~ the act of Grace. I am so grateful to Grace for the healing that they gave me, and feel blessed that they are now in my life. Thank you, Grace.


Acrylic Painting On Circular Canvas - Diameter 29.5 cms


Price: £50

(plus postage)


Here are some of Val's original paintings that have

recently been sold - at very reasonable prices...


Just click on the images for a larger version.

Air Dragon


Price: £45 SOLD!


This is a Dragon of the Air who uses the air thermals over sea and land to swoop and soar in the open skies.


Starry Dragon

With stars and added sparkle! SOLD!


Price: £30 (plus postage)


This bright and sparkly Dragon is bringing down the light from the stars...

Embracing Dragon

20cm x 20 (Acrylic on canvas) SOLD!

Price: £30


This Dragon opens their wings and rises up, embracing the changes all around. The air sparkles with their presence…


Little Dragon Of The Woods

20cm x 20cm SOLD!!

With added sparkle!


Price: £30

(plus postage)



This is a little Dragon of the Woods. They love the rich, damp earth and can be glimpsed flitting around the different mosses.

Guardian Dragon of the Portal

30cm x 25cm

(Acrylic on canvas)

These two images of the painting show how it changes - the

combination of gold and white layers allow this painting to change

depending on the changing light and the angle you look at it from.

It's always open to change...!

Price: £45 SOLD!



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The Cycle


By sharing the following words and images I am trying to describe a Cycle that many of us are experiencing at this time.

Since we all have our own symbols and meanings for things that we are trying to make sense of, please remember that this is my interpretation of what I am trying to understand at this moment in time. However you see it, is right for you.

There does seem to be a sequence that happens and it can take quite a while or happen in a very short space of time.... at least that is how it registers on my system…. for now!




































The Cycle.

Initiating this cycle is the essence of you.

The I Am presence.

The Living Waters are held within your heart.

The Pearl is your access to Divine thought.

Your awareness follows the sequence of the transformations and also the manifestation into the world.

You support this seed through all its changes and celebrate its flight and contributions in Life.

There may be many of these seeds that are coming to fruition now. Watch them on their journeys. There are also many more to come.

Life is full of surprises and new creations.

Learn the breadth and depth of who you are and take joy in life and its unfolding.

The “I” loves the “You”.... so…. I loves You.

You are connected through the Living Web to the Cosmic Web and all is held within your heart.

Open to the Universe within.

























Living Waters. The Womb of Creation.

Its colour is an inky blue. It feels calm, as if you are floating in a warm pool.

You are held by the Divine Mother energy.

You are at peace and feel serene.

There is a hint of light reflecting on the ripples on the water.

Feelings arise from the stillness and the depth.

Just let these feelings float up from you like a mist...
























The Pearl.

This was the hint of light that you saw on the Living Waters.

It is the purest connection to the Living Waters.

It is misty white and iridescent.

The Pearl is your access to Divine thought.

Thought and emotions, air and water begin to gently mingle.

This is the first conception of a thought.

The first formation of something new.

The first stage of separation from One.

























The Sun. Divine energy.

Its colour is golden, rainbow light.

This energy infuses the seed idea that has arisen from the Living Waters and the Pearl and clarifies this unformed concept, image or thought into a more crystalline and formed seed, shining in completeness.

This seed has within it Divine energy that is needed for its developmental stages.

This Divine energy also gives the seed an impulse to movement and development.
























The Tree of Life. The Womb of the Universe.

Its colours are red, magenta, orange, yellow and green and brown.

This seed now has access to the Tree of Life/the Womb of the Universe and is propelled to it.

It has a desire to develop within the womb of manifestation.

It is fed by Vital Energy from the Web of Life and comes into full fruition and can carry its own seed within itself.
























The Fruit. A Winged Heart.

However you wish to envisage it.

At this point the original, transformed and mature idea/image/concept gains a life of its own.

It has gained its wings and can travel, expressing itself.

It has the energy to inspire and to light up the world around it.

It contains the original seed within and can seed itself.

It may grow and expand and travel through the world and continue doing so.

Or it may eventually diminish, but it will always contain that original seed of truth, that may again be found in the future.



You are the Cycle…..

You are beginning to become more conscious of this process as you have been part of this cycle many times before.

All of the “parts” are held within your body and your energy system and are connected holographically to each original part of the process.

You are now beginning to embody this into your daily life.

At some point you will become the “winged heart” and be in a state of constant change, embodying instantly all this new free-flowing energy as the process becomes part of your 3D life.


The Pearl is not only your access to Divine thought but is also a ball of Light that can produce threads that can be added to the Web of Life, and eventually, when you are ready, you will be able to use it in this way.

Your perceptions will change as you consciously go through this process many times and your body and energy system will become more vibrant and alive and full of light.



Val Young OH HA Feb 9th 2016