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From The Earth - Crystal Lightbringer

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Val Young

Val Young has produced the Dragons Ho! Wisdom Cards, the Eartharoma range of Essences and has co-produced a series of books from the Circles of the One Heart - the first of which is "Earth Will Be Reborn". Val is an Aromatherapist and has a wealth of experience as a teacher. She is also a Druid and an Illustrator of magical beings and images.

Val is now planning her workshops and events for 2014, including a day of working with Dragon energies, or making Essences and the Grandmothers Circles, all of which are creative, intense and fun. so if you would be interested in coming along - or hosting one! - do please get in touch at



Hello! I'm Val Young.

I work with Dragon energy, Ancient Female wisdoms and a whole host of Circles in the One Heart.

In 2004 I began to “bring through” Dragons, an image would appear which I would paint, then the Dragon would introduce itself and say what they were about. I have self-published these as a Dragons Ho! pack of cards which have found their way around the world. I also use them when I facilitate Dragon days and work with Dragon energies.


For several years I have been working with the Ancient Female Wisdom through the Grandmothers Circles. I have made over 40 Essences too during this time.


In October 2012 I set up my own company called One Heart Healing Arts or OH HA. Under this umbrella I can facilitate a wide variety of events that empower and enable those taking part to delve inside of themselves to find their own treasures, then bring them up to the surface for them and the world to see.


I enjoy collaborating with other facilitators and healers and also enjoy doing ceremony when it feels right to do so. I go where I am invited and have travelled around England and met some very special people and sacred places. It is an unfolding adventure. I am enjoying travelling to new places, meeting many new people who are interested in what I can offer. As they find their gifts within themselves, I feel great joy in witnessing them lighten and brighten.


Marc Maramay


Marc Maramay has co-produced the One Heart Series of books with Val, channelling from the Circles of the One Heart. There are now a series of books which include over 100 short stories.

Marc is an Artist, Writer and Performer with experience in fringe theatre as a playwright and director. He is currently writing a series of scripts aimed at stage and screen, and a series of novels to be announced soon.


For more information on "Earth Will Be Reborn" published by O Books, go to our page here or

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